Elizabeth Saunders: Writer, Bookseller, Quaker archivist, Genealogist, and Editor/Proofreader.

I'm working on a historical novel based on my real Quaker ancestors, the English family, set in 17th- and 18th-century Ireland and colonial America. In this blog I share snippets from my research, writing and travels, including history and genealogy. The background photo is a detail of The Castle, a tower house in County Westmeath where the story begins.

I also own a bookshop in a small town in North Carolina. Sometimes I go bookhunting.

My previous jobs include aerospace engineer, high school teacher and journalist. To e-mail me about the bookshop, write to tannerybooks AT gmail DOT com. To e-mail about writing, editing or genealogy, write to ebeth2000 AT earthlink DOT net.

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Margo said...

I was drawn to the headline for your most current blog post, as I have spent months carrying on the work my uncles and great uncles have done on our family tree. I had a lot of family in North and South Carolina, so checked your list of names. White is a major part of our family and we have Ransoms as well. At some point, maybe we can compare notes.